The worlds first one-page repair guide and
    the patented repair training system
    is the ONLY way to visually see inside a device
    and identify all screw and parts at a glance,
    making repairs faster, easier and funner.
    Available for over 250 electronic devices.


Companies that love Repair X

Testimonials from Repair Heroes

Woah, that's pretty cool. And impressive that you have so many guides for so many phones and tablets.

Zack Nelson (JerryRigEverything)

This is the first time I've seen this and it does smoke the Screwmat [brand name of competitor]. Your design is awesome ....  I have 4 shops and my own school that I train techs at. This is a great product for both seasoned technicians and those new to the repair business.

Bill Jullian (CEO of Smart Device Doctors)

Hi Phillip, just wanted to say as a previous repair technician, Repair X I can already tell is an awesome product as I've used products like it in the past. It's a total must for repair shops everywhere - hate having to get down on the ground and find those tiny screws!

Andrew Hollis (iExperts Mobile Repair)

Yes, I do know your product very well, I actually purchased your largest kit to show to my students when they leave as an option for people who still feel insecure about repair. I really love your product...  for someone new to the industry it can be very valuable. I often bring up your site to show your products.

Nicole Russell (President of Cellbotics repair Training school)

I’ve noticed one of the biggest things for a technician is screw placement when it comes to taking apart devices, the larger ones especially... Anything honestly that would help repair technicians on a day to day or especially train new technicians with our company... That sounds like a great idea, a huge incentive to repair shops, and an incredible learning initiative for new technicians.

Sean Swift - Former CPR Branch Manager

I'm still very much in having a technical System that helps new and old technicians train or organize their work areas... I wouldn’t mind buying them for our 6 stores right now :)

KC Kelly (GadgetFix, Rocketprenuer)


Save time, reduce repair mistakes, and train new repair technicians
with the revolutionary Repair Hero Screw Mats and Magnetic Repair Tray.
This patented 1-page repair guide system labels screws, parts and
tools you need for a specific repair. Each small part or tiny
screw has its own label on the visual diagram. Combining it with
the patented magnetic repair tray keeps those tiny screws in place
during your repair, keeping you organized and ready for reassembly.
It's the only way to repair with confidence.

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