Technicians rejoice: The iPhone 8 is just an iPhone 7 with a new outfit

by Phillip Aiken on February 03, 2020

Technicians rejoice: The iPhone 8 is just an iPhone 7 with a new outfit 

The new iPhone 8 just recently became available and technicians around the world are already scrambling to get information on how to repair it. Many news outlets have already said the iPhone 8's new "glass sandwich" design is prone to break not only on the screen but now on the back as well. The new design features a back glass that replaces the metal back we have all know on the iPhone 5 through iPhone 7. But thats not the most interesting thing about the new iPhone 8's design. The insides is what counts.

Inside the new iPhone 8 lies something very similar. For any technician who knows how the iPhone 7 looks on the inside, there will be no problem finding there way around inside the iPhone 8. First of all, the screen hinges to the right, where the cables connect. 

The Taptic Engine looks a little bigger this time around but its in the same place you would expect. 

The loud speaker looks basically the same as well, minus some small changes to groves and curves here and there.

The logic board layout and looks the same with only a small shift in screw locations for the display port shield

The top area where the rear camera and antennas are almost identical to the iPhone 7.

Moving over to the screen assembly, you will notice almost nothing new, except the black heat resistant tape on the back of the LCD shield and the metal cut out on the left side.

Apart from the LCD heat shield, there is nothing distinguishable from the typical iPhone 7 screen assembly you've seen a 100 times.

This is all good news for those who have gotten used to replacing the screens on iPhone 6 and 7. 

All in all, the iPhone 8 looks more like... an iPhone 7S. We are used to seeing iPhones in the "S" cycle have almost identical internal designs but not when its become a whole number change. This has to mean Apple is making this iPhone "cheap" to make big profit margins to compensate for the iPhone X, which has been reported on many news outlets to be the ultimate phone with all the bells and whistles. 

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