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Questions about purchasing, distribution, discounts and bundles

Do you give discounts?

I would like to be a distributor

How do I purchase more than one repair guide?

Why are your products in limited quantities with some not available?

Questions about warranties, returns, defects, and shipping

30-days Return & Exchange Policy

Do you have any warranty on your product?

I assume these are "version 1.0" of your product since you are a start up company. Does it have defects or flaws?

Questions about Repair X (the company and its staff)

How can I contact you?

What is Repair X's mission?

What is the history of Repair X?

Feedback, suggestions, errors

Hey, I spotted an error on one or more of your guides. What should I do?

I want a specific repair guide for a device. Do you do special orders or requests?

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