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Questions about purchasing, distribution, discounts and bundles

Do you give discounts?

I would like to be a distributor

How do I purchase more than one repair guide?

Why are your products in limited quantities with some not available?

Questions about warranties, returns, defects, and shipping

What is your return policy?

Do you have any warranty on your product?

I assume these are "version 1.0" of your product since you are a start up company. Does it have defects or flaws?

Questions about Repair X (the company and its staff)

How can I contact you?

What is Repair X's mission?

What is the history of Repair X?

What are your plans for making repair guides in other areas outside of smartphones and tablets?

How do you feel about and

Questions about our products?

Is your magnetic tray safe for motherboards, cameras, and batteries?

What is the magnetic tray made of?

Can I use any marker on the magnetic tray surface?

In your promotional images, you show a blue and black magnetic tray. Are there color options?

It would be cool to have side pockets on the magnetic tray!

It would be cool to have a bigger tray!

Questions about employment at Repair X

I would like to work for or with Repair X

What kind of talent are you looking for?

Feedback, suggestions, errors

Hey, I spotted an error on one or more of your guides. What should I do?

I want a specific repair guide for a device. Do you do special orders or requests?