106 Repair Schematics (iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets) PDF set

Get all iPhone, all iPad, all Android Repair Schematics PDF set for one low price



Save time, reduce repair mistakes, and train new technicians with the revolutionary new Repair Schematics. The industry first 1-page repair guide that labels screws, parts and tools you need for a specific repair. It's the only way to repair with confidence. 

[Note: Due to frequent confusion, these are NOT motherboard schematics. They do not show board components, chips or solder related parts or electronic  circuits. These are ONLY for hardware disassembly and reassembly.]


-Color coding that clearly identifies the common parts of a device
-Labels that identify the less common parts of the device
-Shows the tools needed for the repair of this device 
-Screws labeled and color coded
-Concise instructions in the middle for step by step guidance 
-Rating system on the side of the guide that quickly identifies the difficulty of the repairs for this device 
-The reverse side has "X-Ray mode" designed for more advanced technicians to have minimal labels, no instructions and outline of the device to only see the most important parts


-Page 1 is the front repair schematic
-Page 2 is rear (X-ray mode) version 
-Page 3 is the instruction manual explaining the different parts of the repair schematic
-Printable in black and white or color (color is strongly suggested)
-It can be 3-hole punched to place in a binder (there is a white flap that can be cut off with scissors or you can use this area to place in a 3 ring binder)
-Photo (glossy) paper strongly suggested when printing out the PDF



Licensed for Private Use Only (not for distribution or resale). The PDF itself and its images may NOT be sold, distributed, published to an online gallery, hosted on a website, or placed on any server in a way that makes it available to the general public. Click here for full License agreement


-1 iPod Touch 4th Gen repair guide
-1 iPod Touch 6th Gen repair guide
-1 iPhone 4S CDMA repair guide
-1 iPhone 5 repair guide
-1 iPhone 5C repair guide
-1 iPhone 5S + SE repair guide
-1 iPhone 6 repair guide
-1 iPhone 6 Plus repair guide
-1 iPhone 6S repair guide
-1 iPhone 6S Plus repair guide
-1 iPhone 7 repair guide
-1 iPhone 7 Plus repair guide
-1 iPhone 8 repair guide
-1 iPhone 8 Plus repair guide
-1 iPhone X repair guide

-1 iPad 2 repair guide
-1 iPad 3 repair guide
-1 iPad 4 repair guide
-1 iPad Air 1 repair guide
-1 iPad Air 2 repair guide
-1 iPad mini 1 repair guide
-1 iPad mini 2 repair guide
-1 iPad mini 3 repair guide
-1 iPad mini 4 repair guide
-1 iPad Pro 9.7" repair guide
-1 iPad Pro 12.9" repair guide

-1 Galaxy S4 Active repair guide
-1 Galaxy S5 Active repair guide
-1 Galaxy S6 Active repair guide
-1 Galaxy S7 Active repair guide

-1 Galaxy Note 3 repair guide
-1 Galaxy Note 4 repair guide
-1 Galaxy Note 5 repair guide
-1 Galaxy Note 7 repair guide
-1 Galaxy Note 8 repair guide

-1 Galaxy S3 repair guide
-1 Galaxy S4 repair guide
-1 Galaxy S5 repair guide
-1 Galaxy S6 repair guide
-1 Galaxy S6 edge plus repair guide
-1 Galaxy S6 edge repair guide
-1 Galaxy S7 repair guide
-1 Galaxy S7 edge repair guide
-1 Galaxy S8 repair guide
-1 Galaxy S8 Plus repair guide

-1 Galaxy J3 repair guide
-1 Galaxy J5 repair guide
-1 Galaxy J7 repair guide
-1 Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3” repair guide

-1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 repair guide
-1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 repair guide
-1 Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1
-1 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
-1 Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1
-1 Samsung Nexus 10 repair guide
-1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 repair guide
-1 Samsung Note 8 repair guide
-1 Samsung Note 10.1 repair guide
-1 Samsung Tab E 8.0" repair guide
-1 Samsung Tab E 9.6" repair guide
-1 Samsung Tab A 8.0" repair guide
-1 Samsung Tab Pro 12.2" repair guide

-1 LG G2 repair guide
-1 LG G3 repair guide
-1 LG G4 repair guide
-1 LG G5 repair guide
-1 LG G6 repair guide
-1 LG Flex 2 repair guide
-1 LG V10 repair guide
-1 LG V20 repair guide
-1 LG G Vista repair guide
-1 LG Nexus 5X repair guide
-1 LG K20 V repair guide
-1 LG Stylo 2 Plus repair guide
-1 LG Stylo 3 repair guide

-1 Motorola Droid Maxx 2 repair guide
-1 Motorola Droid Turbo repair guide
-1 Motorola Droid Turbo 2 repair guide
-1 Motorola X Pure repair guide
-1 Motorola G4 repair guide

-1 Huawei Honor 5X repair guide
-1 Huawei Honor 6X repair guide
-1 Huawei Mate 8 repair guide
-1 Huawei P9 repair guide
-1 Huawei Nexus 6P

-1 Google Pixel repair guide
-1 Google Pixel XL repair guide
-1 Google Pixel 2 repair guide
-1 Google Pixel 2 XL repair guide

-1 Blackberry Z10 repair guide
-1 Blackberry Z30 repair guide

-1 HTC 10 repair guide
-1 HTC U11 repair guide

-1 OnePlus 2 repair guide
-1 OnePlus 3 + 3T repair guide
-1 OnePlus 5 repair guide

-1 ZTE Max 2 repair guide
-1 ZTE Max XL repair guide
-1 ZTE Warp 7 repair guide
-1 ZTE Warp Elite repair guide
-1 ZTE ZMax Pro repair guide

-PSP Vita
-Nintendo DSI XL
-Nintendo DS Lite
-Nintendo 2DS XL

-Macbook Pro Unibody Late 2011
-iMac 21" Late 2011


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