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Repair X was founded by Phillip Aiken, located in Virginia. We are currently in a startup position seeking to grow in the repair industry. Some inventory will be limited or delayed while we seek investment and partnerships to scale production with our manufacturers. 

Our mission:

Repair X wants to be the hub for all things repair. In the repair industry, there lacks a cohesive solution to buying parts, finding repair information, and communicating with other technicians. Repair X wants to bring all of these things under one roof. Providing expert repair information, with a strong social network of the world's top technicians combined with revolutionary Repair X magnetic repair guides and accompanying videos will change the repair industry forever.

Our intention is to bring a product to businesses and customers alike, in which repairing your device will be easier than ever.

 For questions, investment, partnership opportunities or inquiry, please contact us at

7870 Tidewater Dr Ste 206 #171
Norfolk VA 23505
United States

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