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The typical device can have between 10 and 40 screws. It’s very easy to forget where each screw goes. Create your own D.I.Y assembly guide and record the disassembly process using the Repair Hero magnetic tray. You can use the rewritable surface with the included erasable marker to make notes or record repair steps. You can wipe off your notes anytime and start a new repair. Take a different approach and ditch the common grid lines of other project mats for a minimal design that uses only dots. Draw your own grid lines or use the entire mat for your own diagram and notes without those distracting grid lines. This is an ideal tool for technicians and D.I.Y enthusiasts to use over and over again for all types of repairs. Unique colorful design and revolutionary grid dot design will get any repair enthusiasts you know to ask you where you got your cool Repair Hero Magnetic Tray from.




  • Cool design
  • Revolutionary grid dots design allow freedom to draw your own free form diagrams or draw traditional grid lines for organization
  • Includes special hybrid no-smear fine point dry erase marker for taking notes.
  • Durable, Easy to Clean (with a wet or dry cloth) 
  • A perfect gift for your technician D.I.Y or friend who loves repair
  • Large Size: 9 x 18.5 inches
  • We do not offer repair services. We do not offer any technical or device support. Any repairs you perform using this product is at your own risk.

With a writable surface, magnetic layer, universal grid and the ability to add Repair Schematics, you won’t need to use any other mat to hold your screws magnetically during a repair. 

Magnetic tray, designed to hold screws magnetically to the writable surface and allows a repair guide to slide in and out underneath the writeable surface. Made of durable light weight foam, with PVC plastic clear surface and magnetic surface.

Set Comes with:

-Blue Magnetic tray with writable surface
-Erasable marker
-Universal grid card 

Note: Repair Screw mats sold separately  


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