ZTE Warp 7 Repair Screw Mat


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Have you reached the point where you are absolutely tired of wrestling with small parts, looking for lost screws, or trying to figure out where they all go? 

Repair Hero Magnetic Screw mat is a must-have for anyone repairing iPhones, Smartphones, iPads and other small electronic devices. This handy magnetic illustrated magnetic guide keeps ALL screws organized for efficient repairs throughout the disassembly process, and to greatly ease your reassembly. When you take a screw out of your device, you simply place it on the adjacent label on the magnetic screw mat. The magnetic layer holds the screws from sliding around until you are ready to put the device back together. Each small part and screw has its own color coding and label on the larger-than-actual-size detailed illustration for most devices. 

The magnetic layer ensures that there is enough magnetic force to hold small screw, but also allows a magnetized screwdriver tip to easily grab the screws from the mat.  The illustration for each model even lists the sequence the screws should be removed in. You can use the rewritable surface with an erasable marker to make notes or record repair steps. This is valuable tool for technicians of all skill levels and D.I.Y enthusiasts to use over and over again.

Repair X has customized more than 100 different guides for the hottest and most difficult models to repair. Repair X has a model available for almost every iPhone, iPad, and iPod including many different Android phones. Each magnetic screw mat goes through rigorous design and testing before being released to the public to ensure each guide is trustworthy to lead a technician down the right repair path for their repair needs.


-Will save you money (reduces mistakes and lost screws)
-Will save you time (fix devices faster, identify location of parts instantly before opening device, diagnose issues easily using our magnetic repair guide as quick references)
-Will make you money (opens new opportunities to fix devices you normally would not be able to fix) 


  • Revolutionary detailed illustration that guides you in the most common repairs

  • Durable, Easy to Clean (with a wet or dry cloth) 

  • Commercial Grade Whiteboard Surface Coating for Markup 

  • Easy to use

  • A perfect gift for your technician D.I.Y or friend who loves repair

  • Large Size: 8 x 13.5 inches

  • Small Size: 6 x 8 inches (Small screw mat does not label tools, have a legend or have instructions in the middle for charge port and screen repair).

  • Covered by Repair X's Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • Made in USA

  • If you have any issues with your Repair Hero Magnetic Screw Mat, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, replacement, or refund.


Please be careful selecting the correct mat for your device configuration, especially between wifi and cellular versions of some devices.

We do not offer repair services. We do not offer any technical or device support.

[Note: Due to frequent confusion, these are NOT motherboard schematics. They do not show board components, chips or solder related parts or electronic  circuits. These are ONLY for hardware disassembly and reassembly.]


Note: The small screw mat does not label tools, have a legend or have instructions in the middle for charge port and screen repair.

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