Hakko-FM-2023 Hot Tweezer kit Review - Repair X

by Phillip Aiken March 24, 2021

Hakko-FM-2023 Hot Tweezer kit Review - Repair X

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Surface mount technology revolutionized the electronics industry by reducing the size, weight, and cost of electronic assemblies while increasing the performance and reliability. The computer that once filled an entire room in 1945 is now the size of a today. But as the demand for smaller mount surface components increase, so is the need for high-quality precision tools. Hakko-FM-2023 Mini Hot Tweezer Kit is a mini parallel remover tool used to remove and replace tiny components. It is one of the smallest hot tweezers the market today. 

The Hakko-FM-2023 fits comfortably in your hand and is designed to remove small surface mount components as little as 2 mm by using the standard or reverse action option. The flanges on the tip ensure proper tip alignment. Precise tips avoid any damage the densely packed component board. The kit cost about $310 in the USA.

Buy now from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Sgsjgd

The Hakko-FM-2023 Hot Tweezer kit package comes with the Holder for Hot Tweezer. With a Mini parallel remover HAKKO MODEL FM-2023, a cleaning sponge is included in the packing box. Moreover, it contains soldering tips T-9 which is a 1 mm heat resistant pad, and a component bed. A connecting cable is also there to connect the hot with the 


The device consumes 140 Watts and works the voltages of input 110V and output 24V. The tool produces a temperature range of 200°C to 400°C or 400°F to 750°F with the accuracy of ±10°C or±28°F. The temperature stability of the device is ±5°C or ±9°F at the idle condition. It has a tip to ground resistance of than 2 ohms while tip to ground potential of less than 2mV. The cord length of the is about 4 makes it acceptable in every work position. The just weighs approximately 32g which makes it highly portable along with its compact dimensions. 

Getting Started

To get started, insert the tip blades into the sockets of the You can also use different tips on each outlet, depending on your needs. Connect the connection cable to your work station like HAKKO FM-203 or HAKKO FM-206. Choose between the standard or reverse The stander action is used to put pressure inwards on the chip while reverse actions the pressure. the and you are all set to go.

You can also get extra tips for your Hakko-FM-2023 Hot Tweezer kit. It supports two other (2mm flat and 3 mm flat), which you can buy separately from the package.  


The Hot Tweezer kit of Hakko makes it easy to remove SMD chips. The tool can handle chips up to 2 mm in width. The composite design type of the is equipped with a built-in heating system that eases the replacement of the tip the soldering The small and firm grips of the make it easy to remove the smallest chips from the mounting The hot parallel removal provides standard and reverses actions. So, the user can choose any work according to the operational need by just switching the lever. Direct heating of the tips keeps the neighboring components safe on the high-density boards. The device is designed keeping in view the safety of electrostatic discharge.  The Hakko-FM-2023 Hot Tweezer kit can be used by HAKKO FM-203 or HAKKO FM-206 work stations. 

Buy now from Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Sgsjgd

As technology advances, the demand for high-quality tools is rising also.  FM-2023 filled this demand in the right way. You can buy this now on amazon and up your repair game in no time.

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Phillip Aiken
Phillip Aiken


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